WatchSeries is one of the oldest streaming sites in the world, and also the most popular one. Created more than 10 years ago, WatchSeries managed to become the number one source of series and episodes around the globe. It's database contains around 2000 tv shows and 60.000 episodes which is really huge for a free site. Even if it's an old website, it looks more modern than the majority of sites because it is updated very often. Being one of the most visited websites in the world is not easy and that's why WatchSeries changed its domain for many times. Now you are on the official WatchSeries website and you should bookmark it because the Google's search results are changing very often and you might end up some cloned sites instead of the original one.

One of the biggest advantages of WatchSeries is the daily update. We know there are a lot of fans who are watching their favorite tv show episode by episode as soon as they are released because they can't wait for the full season to be broadcasted. This way, there are so many people who are visiting WatchSeries everday just to get access to the latest episodes from their shows. We working permanently in order to publish all the newest episodes. Our advanced system makes us able to add new released content within a few minutes after it is officially broadcasted on Tv or released by a network.

This year, after a lot of time of publishing only tv series, we have decided to extend a little bit and we also started to add lots of movies in our collection. In just a few months, while still focusing on the new tv shows, we managed to enrich our database with more than 10.000 movies available for free in HD quality. It is not the biggest database of movies but the majority of people are visiting us only for tv shows and we think that's enough for the moments when somebody decides to watch a movie, now they can find enough of them in our collection. It's important to mention the fact that all the movies published on WatchSeries benefit of English subtitles. Because a lot of people suggested it in the comments section, we complied and now you can enjoy all the movies with subtitles.

Here on WatchSeries is very important to offer the best user experience to our visitors. Our new design is modern, minimalist and intuitive. The fact that it's very clean and organized help a lot of people to easily figure out how to use our website, how to find their favorite movies and series and how to watch them. We haven't written a how to watch tutorial because there are just a few steps that you have to do and it's very intuitive. Browse through our collection using the search formular in case you already know the name of the production that you want to watch. If you are not decided yet and need some inspiration, we have created special pages where the content is sorted as Most Viewed, Top Rated, Most Favorite and Top IMDb where for sure you can find something great. Also, in the same time, all the movies and series are organized with tags for genres, year, country, network, actors, director and more.  We knew that it's important to have a well structured website when we decided to have one of the biggest databases of movies and shows, otherwise our collection would be useless if people aren't able to find what they are looking for. We are permanently trying to upgrade our website and make it more easy to use so if you have any suggestions please send them to us and we will to anything that's possible to improve the quality of WatchSeries. Also, please don't forget to bookmark our website and share it on your social media accounts if you want to help us because we are offering movies and series for free and we are not asking for any money for this service so the only way to support us is by spreading the word so more people will find out about WatchSeries.